Terms & Conditions

The following is our T&C Policy. Read it carefully before placing an order.

– audio files always in wav

– always divide the two sides, corresponding to the jcard print tracklist

– divide the two sides into two wav files for the respective sides A and B

– follow the graphic instructions of the graphic and audio kit.

– in the case of a verification of one of our internal graphs, the rate is 10 euros

– the cassette has a different sound from the CD and other media, any variations are possible and attributable to the original master, it is essential that the master is optimized for the audio cassette support

– the colors of the cassettes may differ from the screen to the original. The pattern does not necessarily correspond to the final print

– for each project we provide a test press costing 10 euros, to be paid by the project owner, including transport costs

– we print exclusively on high quality paper it is important that the files are up to and with the parameters of the instruction kit

-The audio masters must be of high quality and suitable to support the tape

– the delivery time of the products is 6 weeks, unless otherwise agreed previously, the 6 weeks start from the moment that all the material of the project has been delivered in the final version to be processed

-Shipping costs are charged to the customer, or it is possible to collect them on site in Bolzano

– any error or defect must be recognized within a maximum of 5 days from the date of receipt of the finished product, any subsequent complaint will not be taken into consideration.


For multiple cassettes per order, specify the assignment of the data to each cassette (for example, by case colors or exact tape length).
Specify information about track order, side assignment, pause length, artist, album title, catalog number and composer/lyricist in a separate text document resolution min. 44.1 kHz, sampling rate min. 16 bit.

Delivery as a .wav-file

Delivery of titles as one file per side (including breaks) preferred, individual files with indication of the pause length are also possible.

Page separation (A and B) and title order should be clearly visible in the file name

With no indication of the pause length and delivery in individual tracks, a pause of 2 seconds is inserted between the titles.

Note: For two sides with different lengths, we recommend to choose the A-side as the longer side to ensure uninterrupted hearing.