Tape Factory provides a series of services connected to the audiocassette world.
CUSTOM we print your record and layout on a vaste range of tape colors;
GRAPHICS & ARTS you don’t know how to lay down a cover art for your album? You also need someone to create graphics? We’ll take care of that for a special price
AUDIO MASTERING to fit this amazing support without losing sound quality

Make your cassettes easily and simply.
With a minimum order of 30 pieces you can make your album on cassette complete with case, cover and
cassette with high definition UV printing. Our team will guide you with all the instructions and information
you need to make your cassette. We can also make special packaging according to your needs.
Contact us for a free quote and to find out more.

Do you have an idea but don’t know how to make it happen?
Do you have the original graphics of your album and you don’t know how to fit them on the cassette cover?
Do you want to make a box that contains several cassettes?
Well, we can arrange every idea or project according to your needs, in order to make your product unique and unrepeatable.
With graphics parts as cover and label, you are free to customise your tapes. Your artwork can fit the
standard J-Card to a J-Card + 9 flaps.
We print on your cassette with high quality digital uv printing.

All audio masters that are supplied for production are re-processed by us in order to get the best sound, to
obtain a better production and an excellent listening product.

We can provide you or sell all the following parts:
• J-card printing
• UV printing
• Cassette cases
• Sleeve printing